Manual and Equipment Inventory

Emergency Spill Response

Manual and Equipment Inventory

Emergency Spill Response

MDSRC Corporate Profile


The Mackenzie Delta Spill Response Corporation (MDSRC) is a non-profit, co-operatively funded organization consisting of oil and gas companies operating within the Mackenzie River Delta and the Mackenzie Valley of the Northwest Territories (NT), Canada.

The MDSRC was formed in 2002.  Its Geographic Area of Responsibility is the Mackenzie River Delta of the NT - from lands north of Inuvik and Aklavik extending to the shores of the Beaufort Sea.  The area extends west towards the Richardson Mountains while the eastern boundary runs along the edge of the Eskimo Lakes.  In 2010, to provide services to its members, the MDSRC began positioning equipment in Norman Wells, NT.  Recently, the MDSRC has also offered spill response training courses in Norman Wells.


The MDSRC functions by Board representation from its Member Companies, a Project Manager, and several contract staff.

Mission Statement

Its aim is to protect the environment by providing spill preparedness and safe, effective spill response services to Member Companies.

Member Companies

Husky Energy Inc.

MGM Energy Corp.

Shell Canada Ltd.


  • Acquiring, storing, and maintaining spill response equipment and building response capability in Inuvik and Norman Wells, NT.

  • Providing training manuals and courses for members, their direct contractors, and other organisations responsible for Arctic spill management and response.

  • Maintaining a Spill Response Manual for the Geographic Area of Responsibility.

  • Acquiring/reviewing environmental data for the Mackenzie area to identify environmental priorities and areas for protection, identify data gaps, and select appropriate spill response strategies.

  • Increasing public awareness of the MDSRC.