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The Mackenzie Delta fans out 80 kilometers wide over the last 240 kilometers of the river. The waterway winds through a network of channels, sandbars, lakes, islands, and streams. Covering 12,000 square kilometers, the Delta supports a unique and diverse environment.

The Mackenzie River provides a link connecting peoples of many cultures including Inuvialuit, Dene, Metis, and other Canadians.   The lands that the river connects hosts a vast array of high economic and ecological variety to the people of the Delta region.

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Mackenzie Delta Spill
Response Corporation
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Mackenzie Delta Spill Response Corporation

The Mackenzie Delta Spill Response Corporation (MDSRC) is a non-profit, cooperatively funded organization consisting of oil and gas companies operating within the Mackenzie River Delta and the Mackenzie Valley of the Northwest Territories (NT), Canada.

The MDSRC was formed in 2002.  Its Geographic Area of Responsibility was originally the Mackenzie River Delta of the NT - from lands north of Inuvik and Aklavik, extending to the shores of the Beaufort Sea. In 2010, to provide services to its members, the MDSRC began positioning equipment in Norman Wells, NT to service development in the Mackenzie Valley. 

Mission Statement

To protect the environment by providing spill preparedness and safe, effective response services to Member Companies.

The Mackenzie River

The Deh Cho, Dene for "Big River", is the 12th largest river in the world (by drainage), the 10th largest marine delta, and occupies over 1/6th of the total area of Canada. Running from the Great Slave Lake north to the Beaufort Sea. The Mackenzie is 1,800 kilometers long and is the largest single source of fresh water to the Arctic Ocean. 

Manual and Equipment Inventory

Emergency Spill Response